Anti-Ideology Definitions

Many of the things that politicians, media figures, and political bloggers say or do, fall into neat, well-defined categories. This is only natural, since they take all their material out of the same vast manipulative playbook. I’ve come up with some convenient names for these maneuvers:

  • Associafying means acting as if the words or actions of someone’s associate are the words or actions of the public figure him/herself.
  • Emotivism means substituting emotion, or appeals to emotion, for actual thought and reasoning — which are much more important.
  • Fictitioning is my word for when politicians, the media, or bloggers use bits and pieces of fiction in their appeals — even if there might be some minuscule kernel of truth somewhere in it.
  • Hyperreacting is when a public figure, or the media or bloggers, become indignant and overreact to something one of their opponents said.
  • Hypertrivia is my word for when politicians and the media take something small and insignificant, and blow it up — and/or harp on on it for days at a time — when in fact it really is not worth your time even to think about.
  • Nixonianism is my term for politicians or other public figures act as if their wrongdoing isn’t really wrongdoing, or it’s all made-up by the media or their opponents.
  • Sanctimonitis is when politicians, the media, or bloggers get all hot about some issue, as if they’re the only ones who ever thought about it and it’s the most important issue in the universe.
  • Maturity deprivation is when a politician, or media figure or blogger, gets so out of whack about something that s/he resembles a child having a tantrum.
  • Equivalating is my term for confusing one word or phrase with another, making it appear that someone said something they actually didn’t.
  • Relativizing is when people use relative comparisons to justify the things they say and do (aka it’s when people think two wrongs make a right).
  • Partisanism is “sticking up for the team” and for all of its members, no matter how wrong they may be, merely because they’re your own partisans, and your own partisans can never be wrong about anything.
  • Fascification is leveling accusations of “fascism” or “Nazism” at one’s ideological opponents.

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